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These next 5 articles, by Malka Weintraub, are from the University of Baltimore's CareerLink Newsletter: 

1. The chaotic economy has brought many people to reevaluate their career and life situations. Career Counselor Malka counsels, "Be prepared."  Read about  Being Prepared During an Economic Downturn

2. Career transition is a process that affects most people several times during their lives.  This article, about the career counseling process, can be helpful in describing what's involved. Thinking about changing careers?

3. Malka has facilitated job search groups through Career Awakenings as well as the University of Baltimore.  This article describes the benefits to the job seeker. Looking for a Job? Join a Job Search Group!

4. If you are unemployed -- or even if you are employed -- and seriously looking for another job, you may wonder how to fill your time, read about how to Organize Your Job Search.

5. You would be surprised at the kinds of jobs people end up with!  Read this story of an English major that found happiness at the US Government's Health Care Finance Administration!

Occupational Information:

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics continually researches occupations and provides a wealth of information on them on this site.  Look under the "Occupations" category (on the left) for The Occupational Outlook Handbook.  There's wage and salary information on this page too.

Know what you want to do, but don't know where to do it?  Check out the Career Guide to Industries for information, including a listing, descriptions, and information on how industries differ (on the right).

To look up just about anything, refdesk is a great reference for facts and news.

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The Strong Interest Inventory, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and the California Psychological Inventory, can be taken online via the SkillsOne™ site.  Contact Career Awakenings now to arrange a meeting time to discuss which assessments are most appropriate for you.

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