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   Who I Work With

You are most likely to succeed in working with Career Awakenings if you

  •  Want to find the best career/life goals for yourself and achieve them. 
    (I will help you.)
  •  Conscientiously do assignments between meetings.
    (I will work at your pace.)
  •  Ask questions when something is unclear.
    (There are no dumb questions!)
  •  Discuss your concerns as honestly as you are able.
    (Please let me know if I ever do anything to make you uncomfortable.)
  •  Persevere with the counseling process until you achieve your goals.
    (I will be there with you for the highs and support you through the lows.)
  •  Appreciate that your mission/purpose here on earth is special and unique, and that your work with Career Awakenings will help you identify and live it.


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