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     "Malka was very... willing to help me pursue my career goals.  She made me aware of options I hadn't thought of before and showed me how to get started. She also followed up on matters that were not finished from visit to visit.  I felt like I was sitting next to a friend, not a counselor.  She has [enriched] my life!"

                    SL, Project Manager

      "You [Malka] have helped me rediscover my self and realize I could have a career with the skills I have at hand, right now!"

                    TR, Educator

      "I recently attended a ... job search group conducted by Malka Weintraub...  The group was both didactic and experiential.  As such I thought it was well designed.  In addition it was well conducted; Malka did an excellent job of keeping each meeting focused while still providing flexibility to meet group members' needs.

      The group provided me with information and support, both of which are very important when searching for a new job."

                    SG, Network Administrator

     "I would like to thank Malka for her support and insight, and for helping me get through a difficult summer.  The good news is that after everything, I landed a good job, and my wife and I will not have to relocate."

                    BR, Manager

     "Thank you for the practical and significant presentation you gave to the students... Your keen remarks and helpful suggestions have given the students a plan for the successful pursuit of their career aspirations.  It was a most meaningful session."

                    CS, Dean, Binah Institute of Baltimore

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